Wild Drinks & Cocktails Blog Tour

Wild Drinks & Cocktails

Today is an exciting day! I’m announcing the wonderful bloggers and content creators who are participating in the Wild Drinks & Cocktails Blog Tour.

Over the next month you can visit these sites to see recipes from the cookbook, read and listen to interviews with yours truly, and enter cool giveaways.

Plus, these sites are amazing and you’ll want to check them out, anyway…

Wild Drinks & Cocktails

Wild Drinks & Cocktails Blog Tour Lineup

Meet the tour hosts! My deepest gratitude to these talented people whose websites and projects continually inspire me in the realm of food, drink, herbs, foraging, wildcrafting, and gardening.

When their posts pop up, I will link to them here so you can follow along. You can also follow the tour on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, where I’ll be posting links daily.

11/4: Erik Knutzen & Kelly Coyne of Root Simple. One of the most inspiring couples I know, Kelly and Erik are mavens of DIY living and the authors of The Urban Homestead and Making It. They’re prolific bloggers and podcasters and I always learn something new and practical from their work. I enjoyed getting to know them when Erik and I were classmates in the UC Master Food Preserver program. It’s an honor to be on their podcast!

Blog Tour: “During the show we discuss the difference between ‘wildcrafting’ and ‘foraging’ and how you can use easily foraged herbs, fruits, pine needles and flowers to make shrubs, switchels, tonics and infusions. Emily also shares her easy distillation method and advice on what to do with all those prickly pear fruits!” listen to the podcast

11/5: Colleen Codekas of Grow Forage Cook Ferment. Colleen’s blog captured my heart from the moment I saw the title. Whether she’s making elderberry mead or foraging for chanterelles, she has a knack for making homesteading and permaculture endeavors approachable.

Blog Tour: “Let me tell you, this book is seriously awesome! It is all about wildcrafting herbs and plants and then making delicious drinks with them. Some have alcohol and some are booze-less, but all of the recipes look absolutely divine. I seriously had a hard time choosing which one I would showcase here, but in the end I decided on Rose Hip Syrup and Rose Hip Whiskey Smash.”read the full post

11/6: Alissa Walker of Gizmodo. I admire Alissa‘s tireless curiosity and advocacy in service of making our city of LA – and other cities around the world – a better place to live. If you care about urbanism, design, living car-free, and walking (with a side of gelato), then you already know Alissa, or you want to.

Blog Tour: “Under the guidance of my friend and foraging expert Emily Han, I made a citrusy pine syrup that eventually stirred its way into a perfectly festive old-fashioned. It’s one of many delicious recipes in her book, Wild Drinks & Cocktails: Handcrafted Squashes, Shrubs, Switchels, Tonics, and Infusions to Mix at Home, which takes the idea of hand-crafted, local mixology to another level.” – read the full post + recipe for Rye and Pine Old-Fashioned

11/9: Amber Shehan of Pixie’s Pocket. I adore this herbalist and homebrewer’s pixie spirit and fun recipes, like this recent Spiced Chai Wine. Plus she’s really thoughtful, as demonstrated in her excellent post on conscious drinking.

Blog Tour: “Wild Drinks and Cocktails offers something for every level of experience. Emily has created a collection of recipes and techniques that are accessible to beginners. She guides the reader through basic foraging, infusing, and drinkmaking tips and tricks. Even if you are new to herbalism, foraging or mixing cocktails and mocktails, you can make a delicious drink after reading this book!” – read the full post

11/10: Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars. Marisa is the illustrious blogger and author of Food in Jars and Preserving by the Pint. But she’s also, I’ve learned, incredibly kind and generous. Besides writing, she teaches live and online classes that’ll turn anyone into a confident canner.

Blog Tour: “Emily Han and her new book, Wild Drinks and Cocktails, are here to teach us all that with a little bit of knowledge, there is much to be found in the natural world (both in LA and elsewhere) to be turned into a vast array of infusions, syrups, squashes” – read the full post + recipe for Classic Switchel

11/12: Michele Graham of Cider & Rye. I met Michele on Instagram, where she posts beautiful, pensive photos of nature, the seasons, and drinks. How could I not fall in love?! Every recipe of hers makes me gasp in delight, from Purslane Lemonade Margaritas to Elderberry Ginger Sours.

Blog Tour: “This gorgeous book is filled with amazing ideas and recipes. Everything is fresh from the field, forest, or farmer. What I love about Emily is her ability to create beautiful drinks that are nourishing and a wee bit fancy, but without being fussy or over the top. Everything she shares is just right and well-balanced.” – read the full post + recipes for Rose Hip Syrup and Rose Hip Whiskey Smash

11/13: Joel MacCharles & Dana Harrison of Well Preserved. “Make Something, and Share it!” is Dana and Joel’s mission, and this talented and creative couple do so much to inspire and teach folks about food, preserving, and sustainability. I eagerly await the release of their Batch cookbook!

Blog Tour: “The book is lovely. It takes a topic which outsides could see as daunting and makes it inviting and accessible. If the idea of finding wild ingredients to make beverages (alcoholic and not) is intimidating then fear not – many of the ingredients are accessible in your local health food or other store. You can experience many of her recipes before you head off to find the wild ingredients that will elevate your experience even further.” – read the full post + interview

11/18: Jayme Marie Henderson of Holly & Flora. What can I say, Jayme’s work is simply gorgeous. She’s a professional sommelier, creative cocktail crafter, and urban farmer. Any time I need a dose of inspiration, I look at the fresh, colorful images and recipes on her blog and Instagram.

Blog Tour: “[Emily] is one of the forerunners of the revival of the craft cocktail movement, focusing on locally sourced ingredients, handcrafted components, and time-honored traditions. Emily’s ease and confidence lured me further into the world of handcrafted cocktails …. After few pages into her book, I’m sure you’ll be ready stretch your garden bounty into the realm of cocktails, head out into the wild to source native plants, or amp up your knowledge of herbs.” – read the full post + recipe for Hazelnut Orgeat

11/19: Kristy Gardner of She Eats. Kristy isn’t just an advocate for local, organic food. She’s a funny and snappy writer, she’s a fabulous food stylist, and she loves bourbon. And did I mention she has a forthcoming book called Cooking with Cocktails?!

Blog Tour: “Wild Drinks and Cocktails is, in a word: Stimulating. From the tantalizing recipes, to the simple yet beautiful photography, to the mindful guidance on wildcrafting, you will be left completely and utterly titillated. Inspired. And thirsty.” – read the full post + recipe for Fire Cider Hot Toddy

11/23: Autumn Giles of Autumn Makes & Does. When I met her at an herbalist conference, I knew that writer, food preserver, gluten-free cook, and cocktail crafter Autumn Giles was a woman after my own heart. Her forthcoming cookbook Beyond Canning is going to be amazing.

Blog Tour: “What I appreciated most about Wild Drinks and Cocktails is that it’s a book about well-made drinks with high-quality ingredients that is still super accessible. You’ll see this below, but Emily does a great job of talking about potentially lesser-known ingredients, like hawthorn berries, and conveying what they are and why they’re worth knowing!” – read the full post + recipe for Hawthorn Cordial

11/23: Kate Payne of The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking. I really admire how Kate empowers people to be self-sufficient, creative, and confident in the home and kitchen. Her blog and books (The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking and The Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen) are filled with her friendly voice, practical advice, and budget-minded tips. She’s also my awesome co-conspirator at the Food Swap Network.

Blog Tour: “This very informative guide to foraging and wildcrafting all sorts of interesting beverages, both alcoholic and non, is beautifully photographed and packed with amazing recipes. Her years of researching and teaching about these subjects makes this book an essential read for the herbal curious and skilled herbalist alike. The methods and techniques are solidly useful and applicable to any botanicals, aromatics and ingredients you find in your own environment.” – read the full post + recipe for Winter Gin

11/24: Elana Lepkowski of Stir and Strain. Elana’s seasonal and classic cocktail recipes show you that it’s totally possible to make impressive and fun cocktails at home. Her Smoky Sage Punch is a personal favorite. And every Monday she offers up a great roundup of Booze News.

Blog Tour: “Ready to get wild with your cocktails? No, I’m not talking about hauling out some liquid nitrogen, but instead hauling yourself out into nature and using your backyard for some cocktail inspiration. Your guide book? Wild Drinks & Cocktails by Emily Han.” – read the full post + recipe for Hazelnut Orgeat

11/25: Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens. Tanya lives on the Isle of Man, where she shares simple, beautiful ways to connect with nature through recipes and DIY beauty projects. I love seeing her allotment garden and the creations inspired by her harvest.

11/30: Dina Falconi of Foraging & Feasting. Of all the wild food books on my shelf, Dina’s Foraging & Feasting is the most beloved because it’s so beautiful and useful. She frequently shares pages of the book on her blog, along with master recipes so you can get creative.

12/1: Jennifer Aikman & Danielle Prohom Olson of Gather Victoria. I have a list of places I want to visit, and one of them is Victoria so I can meet Jennifer and Danielle and experience one of their magical events in person. Until then, I drool over the stunning recipes on their blog.

12/2: Linda Ly of Garden Betty. As a new gardener, I sometimes find gardening blogs and books intimidating, but not Linda’s. Her work is infused with such a friendly, fresh spirit that it inspires me to get my hands dirty. And I’ve learned so much from the no-waste recipes in her cookbook, The CSA Cookbook.

12/3: Kami McBride of Living Awareness Institute. Kami has a gift for helping people bring herbs and remedies into daily life, through the pleasures of cooking. I love her book, The Herbal Kitchen, which is filled with recipes for herbal drinks, honey, vinegar, cordials, and more.

12/4: Quarto Cooks. Quarto is my fabulous publisher and their blog is a great spot to check out recipes and photos from the books in their stable.

Plus more to come! I have a few more bloggers and websites that’ll be joining the tour and I’ll add them as we go along.

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p.s. If you’re a website owner and you review Wild Drinks & Cocktails, please let me know via email or Twitter. I’ll try to include everyone’s links at the bottom of this post. If you’re a brand or blog with a large audience, feel free to email me inquiries about reviews, features, or interviews. Thank you!

Upcoming Classes: Descanso Gardens

herbal remedies

Have you been to Descanso Gardens? It was one of the first places I visited when I moved to LA, and I fell in love with the Oak Woodland and California Natives gardens, where you can learn about local landscapes and plants. So I’m excited to be partnering with People’s Pop-Up to teach two classes at Descanso this month:

On Saturday, October 17, I’ll be teaching Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu Season. Learn how to make honeys, syrups, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, vinegars, and steams using everyday ingredients found in your kitchen or garden. Leave the workshop with a bottle of your own elderberry syrup and a jar of personalized fire cider.

On Saturday, October 31 (Halloween!), I’ll be teaching Make Your Own Bitters. Delve into the fascinating history and present-day use of bitters in cocktails, herbal remedies, and cooking. Learn about the essential ingredients, tools, and processes for making bitters, and craft your own bitters blend to take home.

Hope to see you there!

A Good Mail Day

Wild Drinks and Cocktails

Two exciting things arrived in the mail today: An advance copy of my cookbook! That I can hold in my hands!! Plus wildcrafted hawthorn berries from Traci — fitting not only because there are hawthorn recipes in the book (Hawthorn and Rose Elixir, anyone?), but because I attribute much of my courage in writing it to hawthorn plant medicine. ♥

p.s. Pre-order your copy and get your bonus ebook here